Interactive Play With Parents Is Important For Children

Interactive Play With Parents Is Important For Children
Gross motor
  • At this stage, your cutiepie is learning many skills through play. When you involve yourself while playing with him, you will be amazed at how the simple interactions motivate him to try and learn new things.
  • Let your child try to figure out how to play first. Observe his understanding of the game or toy. He may come out with a new way while exploring a toy or a game. That’s fine.
  • Go slow. Don’t rush into completing the task. For instance, if you both are building a tower of blocks, take turns to stack one block at a time.
  • Keep the play space free of distractions so that he does not get diverted and the play goes on smoothly.
  • Include simple games and activities like peek-a-boo, playing with ball, etc. that is total fun and engaging for your child. Interactive play needs the right environment, age appropriate toys or games, your undivided attention and most importantly your child’s focus and interest. Hence, watch for signals if your child is bored with the game or activity. If yes, then jump to a new activity.