Introduce Your Kid To New Games And Activities

Introduce Your Kid To New Games And Activities
1 to 2 years tip

At this age your child must be more curious to learn by playing. When your child completes first year, she may be working on a wobbly walk and just starting to use words. This is time where you should be doing your role play with your child by introducing new games and activities.

You need to have patience while your child’s playing activity; the little one will enjoy playing simple games with you and other caregivers. At this stage your child wants to play with other children, but she needs your company too. She feels more secure when you accompany her. Your child gets more energy to show some new actions in her playing activity. When you introduce new activities for your child, encourage her when she does any mistake for the first time. The little ones at this point are full of energy and want to explore, so don't be surprised if your little darling can't focus for long or follow rules of the games and activity.