Is Baby Talcum Powder Fine For Your Baby?

Is Baby Talcum Powder Fine For Your Baby?
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Baby talcum provides smoothness and softness to your baby’s skin and prevents his skin from sweating in summers too . But a lot of talcum powder is harmful for your child . If you do wish to use talcum for your baby, keep a note of the following:

1. Keep the talc out of reach of your little one at all times. Never let your baby play with the bottle of talcum.

2. Make sure you do not put too much talc on your baby as it results in clogging the delicate air sacs of the baby.

3. Never use talcum powder on your baby’s face to lighten the complexion . Your baby might develop breathing problem because of these small particles present in the talc.

4. Never use puff to apply powder as it creates clouds of talcum making it easy to breathe in.

5. Always take some quantity in hand and apply gently in particular areas.

6. Apply talc on dry skin. If you apply on moist skin, it keeps moisture in, preventing skin from drying

7. Avoid using talc while nappy change. In case your baby has nappy rash, the powder might worsen it.

8. Talc can prevent heat rash but sometimes it might clog the skin and make the rash worse.

See how your baby reacts when using talcum powder. If she develops rash, stop using it right away. Though not confirmed, talcum powder is associated with cancer. Using with caution is always better.