Keep Yourself Cool And Have Fun At Meal Times!

Keep Yourself Cool And Have Fun At Meal Times!
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Is your child very moody when it comes to meal times? Is he a picky eater who discards a lot of much needed veggies from the plate and from his diet? That could be really bad! You can make eating a fun experience for him and this can take his mind off of all the fussy eating problems. Here are a few things you can try.

1. Make it a point to show how much fun your child can have during meal time. If he is especially fussy, try different games you can play during meal times.

2. The aeroplane game or the rocket game is a classic when it comes to making fussy eaters put their crankiness aside ad to actually take a gulping. Swoosh the spoon with force all around him before you feed him. This can be really exciting for him.

3. Show your child around the house. Any new object can take his attention and make him completely forget that he is not feeling up for a bite. He will devote all of his attention to that and you can just feed him and he will not fuss about it.

4. Show him outside the house too. This is a really fun way to engage your child during meal times as he will be fascinated with all the plants in the garden or even the cars on the street.

5. Playing music always helps. You can try playing a few songs he is really fond of and get him moving about. This will keep his spirits high and in the mean time, you can try to get him to eat.