Know How Playing Accelerates Learning Skills !

Know How Playing Accelerates Learning Skills !

Playing is an excellent way of learning for your child, growing up. It allows him to pick up so many things that are new to him like color, texture, shape, words, etc. It is also a great way of getting your child to learn something he might be finding difficult. He will be able to grasp things better and faster during play.

1. Allow your child ample amount of play time. Let him explore his toys and focus all of his interest upon it. Sit with him and encourage him to play. Take interest in his games as it helps bond with your child really well.

2. Introduce strategy games like stacking rings, building blocks, tiny puzzles, etc. This will enable your child to focus on the shape of the objects. He will be able to think about how he can go about with the same. Give him a little push every now and then. Remember that the outcome need not be perfect.

3. Allow him to play with colorful toys. This is a fun way for him to pick up on all the various colors. You can teach him the names of each individual color and then, point at other objects to see if he can tell you what color the object is.

4. Take your child to the park and let him mingle with other kinds. This helps him pick up on a few social skills. Allow him to explore the play area. Let him play with his new friends as you keep a watchful eye on him so he does not hurt himself.