Learn About Brain Progress Through Games !

Learn About Brain Progress Through Games !

At this age, your little one’s brain is developing every single day. As a parent, it is important that you create ample room for your child’s brain to develop. You can help your little-one kick-start his brain development by engaging in games and fun activities with him.

1. Use building blocks to make simple structural patterns such as 2-3 blocks placed above each other, three different colour blocks in a row, and so on. Playfully ask your toddler to copy your pattern. Help him do so. Such activities help him in identifying patterns and colours, etc. i.e. brain development in terms of colour and pattern recognition.

2. Pretend play or role playing with soft toys helps him boosts his creativity and imagination. Hide and seek with the toy helps him develop a sense of object permanence.

3. Help him in developing the concentration levels through nesting games. Give him blocks or plastic bowls of different sizes that can fit inside each other. Show him how these bowls or blocks can be fitted within each other. Encourage your child to nest the toys himself. Nesting game teaches your toddler about size differences and solving problems through logical reasoning and increases his concentration levels.

4. Your child is ready to develop more skills. Help him learn various sounds, body parts, differentiating between shapes through fun games.

5. Puzzles involve reasoning, discrimination, and muscle control, which all challenge the developing brain of your child.