Letting Your Kids Get Acquainted With Their New Caregiver

Letting Your Kids Get Acquainted With Their New Caregiver

There might arise a situation (joining work back or other) when you need to leave your child with the new caregiver, whether this is grandparents, family friend, or nanny. Getting your child accustomed to new caregiver is difficult. Try these tips so that you can help your baby's transition into someone else’s care for any extended period. Try to devote as much time as you can to your child before you get back to work.

1. Make your child comfortable with the new caretaker and the new setting in advance. Introduce your child to the caregiver and new setting before child care by him actually begins.

2. Make sure new caretaker spends enough time with your child in your presence, so that your child is more likely to feel comfortable with him when you aren’t around. Of course, your child will take time to get used to new caregiver, so sooner you can start with that, the better.

3. The next step you should try is to take leave for short period where you remain in earshot of your baby. Tell your baby that you are just going to the other room and you’ll be right back. Leave your child with the caregiver while you leave the room. If your child cries, let the caregiver handle him but remain responsive to his cries. Start with 5 minutes and increase the time gradually.

4. Discuss with the caregiver your child’s preferences, strengths, vulnerabilities, your likes, dislikes and ways to handle him. It’s also a good idea to share special events and recent milestones with the caregiver, which can later be discussed and will enhance the relationship between the caregiver and child.