Make Sure That Any Room With Cigarette Smoke is Properly Aired

Make Sure That Any Room With Cigarette Smoke is Properly Aired
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Health & Hygiene

When there are cigarette smokers in the household, making sure that your child is protected from second hand smoke (passive smoking) and its disastrous effects on your little one’s health is extremely important as your child will be spending a lot of time at home. Here are some ways that you can do so

1. Have earmarked rooms or places where the members of the household can go to smoke when they wish to. Make sure that this place is somewhere that your child doesn’t go to often or is nearby his play area or the room that he sleeps in. Doing this makes sure that your child’s exposure to second hand tobacco smoke is as close to as nonexistent as it practically can be done.

2. Have the smokers in the household use this place discreetly, out of the view of the children at home. Seeing adults around them go in and out of a room every few hours will draw your child’s attention to it and will make him want to go and explore it some time or another.

3. After they smoke, ask them to wash their hands with soap and water and then come into the presence of the child. Your child’s acute sense of smell will pick up any noxious odors and might make your little one uncomfortable and irritable. In addition to this, good oral hygiene practices are extremely important to be made aware of.

4. The room earmarked for this purpose should ideally have a few windows, facing outward into the open space around the house and should be cross ventilated. This allows for adequate air circulation and thus this hastens the time it takes for the smoke to diffuse from the room, along with which room fresheners and deodorizers can be used to make the room not reek of cigarettes.