Make Your Kid Listen To New Sounds And Words

Make Your Kid Listen To New Sounds And Words

Language development is a complicated and continuous process in a child’s life. Kids at this age comprehends very well. Your kid might have learned a dozen of words and is keen to learn more. Make him listen to new sounds and words to help him develop his own dictionary of words with their meaning and speech.

Here are a few things are you can do to improve your child's language:

1. Talk to your child often. Tell him about your entire day and ask him to tell you the same in his own words. This is a great way of teaching new words to him on a daily basis. Also, put two words together to make a new sound or a new word. Then ask your kid to come up with some new sounds of their own.

2. Regular storytelling is great way to further enhance your child’s language. Making sounds of different animals while reading a story will help him relate the animals with their sounds. Encourage your child to make sounds along with you. This is a great way of learning new words, sounds, and their relation.

3. Make your child listen to different rhymes. The music based rhymes leave an impression on your child’s mind and help him to add new words and their pronunciation in his dictionary. Rhymes arouse interest of your child due to catchy lines and unbeatable music.

4. Make your child talk to different people everyday. It also helps in introducing your child to new words on a regular basis and expand his dictionary.