Making Your Child Laugh More

Making Your Child Laugh More
1y to 2y

Helping your child develop a sense of humor and enjoy the small things in life is a great value to inculcate in your little one as this adds life and color to his day-to-day lives.

1. Kids of this age find cartoons and high-pitched sounds. It is a natural habit to make funny sounds and faces when conversing with your child at this age. This is a great way to get your little one to laugh and giggle around when conversing and doing their activities on a day-to-day basis. Do not be surprised to see your child remembering your funny faces and sounds randomly, repeatedly asking you to make the same!

2. Bright and colorful characters catch your child’s attention easily! And what better way to create these characters than using puppet play! Improvise on easy-to-make hand puppets and create funny and engaging stories using these characters. Your little one will surely enjoy it very much!

3. Humor can be the found in the smallest things! Do not think strange of your little one if he finds random things funny and laughs and giggles at them! Keep in mind that your child’s sense of humor is very different from yours. Enjoy the fact that your child is happy and cheerful and enjoy his happiness!

4. Also, remember that your child might find things that he didn’t previously enjoy or find funny to be funny to him. This is just an example of what a sense of humor can do to your child’s perspective! Therefore, if your child dismisses something as a thing that doesn’t interest him at one point, keep it around!