Making Your Kid Accustomed With Good Hygiene

Making Your Kid Accustomed With Good Hygiene
Health & Hygiene
  • Inculcating healthy hygiene habits in your child early on, requires lot of reinforcement, encouragement and patience. Around this time, she has a good degree of  self awareness and will initiate self care basics.
  • The ideal way to teach your child about personal hygiene is to model one yourself. 
  • Make sure that you wash her hands and wipe them before meals, after using the toilet and after play. As you do so, talk to her why doing so is important. With practice, she will try it on her own.
  • Read books to her that talk about personal hygiene and good health.
  • Brush her teeth twice daily along with regular dental check up every six months.
  • Have tissues handy when she sneezes. Teach her to use it and also show her the place where its kept. When she accomplishes any self care practice independently, reward her efforts with a sticker.
  • You can also create a hygiene checklist on a large chart paper with different colours for different hygienic activities, such as brushing teeth twice a day, washing hands before and after meals, etc. Get your child some colorful stickers and let them stick one on each activity when that particular activity is completed.