Never Laugh At Your Child's Words

Never Laugh At Your Child's Words

Your child's confidence must begin to shape up from now on. The confidence of a child is a tricky business. It can be boosted with so much effort and motivation, and at the same time can come crashing down from a very unintentional mistake made by an adult. There are a lot many don'ts when compared to dos when it comes to dealing with your child. Here is what you should know.

1. At this age, your child will have a lot on his mind and he will want to tell you pretty much everything. When he does, you may feel some of his thoughts to be illogical or empty. Do not laugh at him irrespective of what you think because this can really negatively impact your child. He may not want to communicate with you if he feels hurt.

2. Find a constructive way to tell him otherwise. Do not immediately shoot his idea or a plan down. This will make him feel that you are not considerate of what he wants and feels. And that is a bad place for him to be.

3. Do not turn a deaf ear on him. Always listen, even if it is utterly gibberish. Make it a point to take some time off to listen to what your child has to say instead of telling him how busy you are.

4. Do not criticise him as he tries to speak new words he may not be able to pronounce quite well yet. This will embarrass him and he will refrain from trying again.