Never Pressurize a Very Unwilling Child To Bathe

Never Pressurize a Very Unwilling Child To Bathe
Health & Hygiene

Normally kids under this age group may not exactly know what they are doing and your little one in all possibilities is likely to be sailing in the same boat. In most of the occasions, parents compel their kids to oblige them, forgetting too much of pressure or restrictions will only result adversely.

1. Don’t force: When you put too much pressure on your child, they will only rebel which is termed as ‘Counter will’ and do things that he should not be doing.

2. Understand your child’s perceptive: Some days, your child may be unwell and may not feel like having a bath or just like that doesn’t want to bathe. During those days understand that he has some reason.

3. Relax to be with your child: Always allot some time in your schedule, which is only for you and your child, and never be pressed for time especially when encouraging your child to bathe.

4. Being patient is important: If your kid is extremely resistant and completely refuses to bathe, do not force him.

5. Better alternative: Provide options when things are not working your way. Compromise by giving him just a sponge bath. Otherwise, at night, ensure his hands and legs are washed and he changes into clean clothes before going to bed This way too he gets thoroughly cleansed.

6. Make bath time a fun time: When your kid is refusing to bathe, be innovative and choose a place in your backyard to bathe him in a tub with lots of water toys around him and encourage him to enjoy having fun while bathing.

7. Play ‘Yes’ game: This is one of the ways to build positive behaviour in your kid. Keep asking questions where he will be interested in answering in affirmative saying ‘yes’ to your questions like ‘Do you like chocolate ice-cream?’, ‘Are you fond of playing in the rain?’, ‘Do you like to take bath in a tub with lots of your favourite toys in it?’ He will definitely say yes and you can cajole him to bathe.