Offer Boiled Food To Your Child

Offer Boiled Food To Your Child
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Your child is slowly inching to the age where he will be eating what you eat. Till now, he has been on milks and formula products. But now, as he is close to a year and a half, he will slowly need to be introduced to the daily foods that you eat. Your child’s tummy is sensitive. His digestive system is still not fully developed. So, you need to be careful about what food you will give to him.

Start with boiled rice, pulses and vegetables. Boiled stuff is extremely healthy and safe for the child. This goes easy on the stomach and there are less chances that your baby will find it difficult to digest. You can choose anything that you think is the best for your baby. Decide on the portion that is not too large for your baby and also not too less to keep him hungry.

You can boil and mash it up well so that your child can have it without much problem. Always start new food in the afternoon so that in case of any problems you can reach out to the doctor. Also, the child is relatively agile during the day and that helps in digestion. Apart from boiled food, you can also give him mashed fruits. Make sure there are no seeds, which can cause choking. Slowly, this will help build your child’s food patterns.