Offer Open Toys For Imaginative Play

Offer Open Toys For Imaginative Play
  • In order to boost your child’s imaginative and creative skills, invest in open ended toys. These toys can be used in multiple ways  and foster his cognitive abilities.
  • Building blocks, legos are an amazing way to work and explore with. The vibrant colours bring a smile on your child’s face and excites him to work with them.
  • Animal figurines like the farm animal set are great toys that can be used while singing rhymes, reading stories to your little one, besides teaching him about animal names. They make the activity more lively and fun.
  • Stuffed toys like teddy bear, dolls, Donald Duck, etc brings out your child’s imagination. With them, your child will enact real life situations like talking and listening to them, putting them to sleep etc.
  • Simple stuff like cardboard box can become a boat, bus or  ship for your child to set out on an adventure.
  • Encourage your child as he thinks of new innovative ways to use the stuff and join in the fun.