Offer Small Food Pieces to Chew it Properly

Offer Small Food Pieces to Chew it Properly

Your child is just beginning to have food like adults, even though in small portions. You might be giving him mashed food but nonetheless, it is food that you are eating too. Little bit of pulses, cereals, fruits, vegetable, egg and meat in small portions. But alongside what he is eating, how he is eating things is an important element.

This is the age when you must keep a watch and inculcate the habit of chewing the food properly. Your child is taking solids and so he needs to chew the food well to digest. Especially fiber based food must be chewed well in time and then gulped. A lot of kids have the habit of just gulping down the food down their throat. And parents are happy about the fact they are eating the food. But in the long run, this is not going to prove beneficial as the child will either spill the food in the mouth or he will end up vomiting because he isn’t chewing the food properly.

So, the trick is that right from the early age, ensure that you give small morsels in his mouth and he learns to chew it well. As your child grows up, this will aid his digestive system and he will become healthy and active in life.