Offer Your Kids Choices And Let Them Respond

Offer Your Kids Choices And Let Them Respond

Your child at this point enjoys predictable routines as it gives him a good sense of control of whats going to happen next. This is very important to get him doing things on his own and building self confidence. In order to foster this confidence, provide safe and age appropriate opportunities wherein he learns about making a choice. 

To facilitate this process, offer choices that are real and possible. For instance, you can ask him, “Do you want to build blocks or play with ball?”

Limit number of choices and keep it simple. 

The choices that you offer are the ones to which you will surely say YES to. Hence think and then offer. At times, you may see your cutiepie being a picky eater. It may be because he wants to choose what foods to go in his plate and do self-feeding. Take this as an opportunity and offer variety of healthy snacks. It is a win-win for both sides.