One Thing You Should NEVER Do In Case of an Allergic Reaction

One Thing You Should NEVER Do In Case of an Allergic Reaction
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Starting with solid food is the biggest milestone for your kiddo and also an exciting one for you as a parent. Although you have introduced many semi-solids to his diet and now the time has come to introduce him to some solids. Food allergy is a topic that comes with a lot of questions and concerns. Let's discuss some of them here:

1. The most important part is to identify the food allergy, means you should be sure about it, that is, you should try to introduce only one food at a time. But if you introduce more than one food, say two to three foods then you might not know in case of an allergic reaction that which food has provoked it.

2. While introducing the new food always remember that allergic reaction can occur within the minutes to hours of taking the food. So keep an eye on your little one.

3. The allergic reaction can be mild to severe, so be careful and watch for the symptoms as hives or welts, flushed skin or face, swelling on the face, lips, vomiting, diarrhea, coughing or wheezing, difficulty in breathing, loss of consciousness.

4. As soon as you realize that there is an allergic reaction you should immediately contact your doctor as these allergic reactions can be fatal. Never try to self medicate your little one as this is not safe and could also worsen the condition.

Your alertness is necessary at this stage. Be alert and patient and wait for 3 to 4 days before introducing another new food as three to four days are necesary to watch for any kind of allergic reaction.