Pay Attention To Your Kid When They Are Speaking To You

Pay Attention To Your Kid When They Are Speaking To You
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A lot of times, your child may face problems with opening up to you for various reasons of her own. She may be very shy or she may be quite scared to even start a conversation. But as your child begins to open up to you, you need to keep your ears open.

1. Pay absolute attention to your child as she speaks. Listen to her with your ears wide open and let her convey everything she wants to at one go.

2. Maintain eye contact with your child as she makes conversation with you. This will make her feel that you are listening to her and it also shows that you care about her to know what she wants to tell you.

3. Be very patient with her, She may struggle to communicate, she may stammer and she may repeat the same thing over and over. Do not cut her off or interrupt her as this can make her feel hurt. This can make her hesitant to talk to you later on.

4. Answer her questions promptly. Do not criticise her questions because she genuinely does not know the answers. Help her by giving her the right answers and do not lie to her if she asks you something you cannot answer.

5. If she is not able to communicate what is on her mind, drive the conversation in the right direction by asking her suggestive questions. This will help her remember and it will also make the conversation a lot easier.