Praise Your Child While Using The Toilet

Praise Your Child While Using The Toilet
Health & Hygiene

Toilet training is an important part and indispensable part of growing up for your little one's life at this point. All along you cannot use diapers and at the same time you or anyone else cannot go on helping to clean up for your child. He has to learn and learn in his own way.

Toilet training and using it independently takes time. While some kids might get a hang of it fast, for many it could be a trying process. So, the first thing is patience. Talk to your child that he is growing up and so, like all the adults, he too needs to learn to use the toilet on his own. Initially it would be messy and also something that both of you would not be comfortable with. But, with due course of time, your little one will get used to it.

Appreciate it, when your child is successfully using the toilet papers or faucets. This will make him feel better about himself. Also, ensure that he maintains all the hygiene while doing so. This will make him more aware of how properly one needs to use the toilet. With time and patience your child will learn to use the toilet independently. The only thing is, kindly do not rush and do not ever embarrass your child if he fails in his task. If done so, it will be only discourage him from there.