Provide a Standing Board For Easy Drawing Or Scribbling

Provide a Standing Board For Easy Drawing Or Scribbling
1y to 2y
Fine Motor

Your little one is slowly developing muscles and building his motor skills that are helping him to grasp the crayon and pour his art out. Experts say that there are a number of factors say how a child starts his writing process with actually drawing.

The colors are fascination for a child of this age. Few colors when scribbled together gives him a new thing to look at. Also, drawing doesn’t have rules. He is the master of his own mind and art, at the same time. As a parent, encourage that. It is quite obvious that at this age your child will come up with bizarre stuff, which will neither have shape, size nor any meaning. Leave him alone with his creativity and don’t intervene.

Your child will find his own ways and enjoy in his own pace. However, you can always have things that can make this lot of fun for him. Buy your child a standing board that he can use even while standing. And if possible, some organic crayons so that nothing toxic enters his system. At this age kids are more prone to putting everything inside their mouth. These simple assistance from you will make your child happy and he will enjoy his time drawing and painting, thus exploring an all new world around him.