Provide A Variety Of Materials To Stimulate Your Child

Provide A Variety Of Materials To Stimulate Your Child
Fine Motor

At this young age, your child's mind is pretty much like a sponge. She will be able to grasp anything and everything with so much ease.

Here are a few ways you can help stimulate your little one's abilities.

1. Introduce a variety of objects to your child during play, so he gets used to them. Toys like building blocks, stacking rings, and simple puzzles, help bring about a depth in your child's analytical development.

2. Add a little flavour to your child's fun time by introducing various musical toys. You can also try this with a simple musical instrument, like a xylophone, rattle, and so on. This will bring about an advancement with respect to your child's listening skills.

3. Sensory play adds a superior advantage at this age! Give your child objects that have different textures, sizes and shapes. Be careful and keep a vigilant eye on your child as he is engrossed with his tiny toys as they can be quite dangerous.

4. Take your child out to the park and allow him to get used to a new environment. Let him socialize with other kids and explore the park with them. This will also help stimulate your child's early social skills.

5. Try introducing finger foods to your little one. Give him small quantities of puffed rice or cereal in a cup and let him eat on his own. This improves his eye-hand coordination. Similarly, you can introduce a lot of different objects to help stimulate your child's growth.