Provide Positive Role Models For Your Child

Provide Positive Role Models For Your Child

Kids learn and adapt to the behavior of their parents and your child is no different. Parents are the first role model in a child's life. Since each child is different, every parent should adjust accordingly. They have to be responsible in raising their children and make them good citizens for future. Once your child has learnt to identify character strengths in others, you need to be careful about what kind of role models they are exposed to.

1. Ensure that everyone around your child, including you, is aware of what behavior they are modeling.

2. Kids will try to model their teachers, neighbours , siblings, care taker, etc. who interact with them almost daily.

3. Always create a happy emotional atmosphere at home. Do not argue or fight in front of your children.

4. Teach him how to be responsible for his actions and not to stress if he makes any mistakes.

5. Tell him about people who you look up to for guidance and get inspiration from, like grandparents, teachers.

6. Teach him good values and habits, like telling the truth, sharing, respect, being healthy, controlling anger, etc. for healthy development

7. Your child will observe how you speak to your friends, neighbors, or when you speak over the phone. Show loyalty and respect in your actions and words.

8. Portray a positive approach for handling situations, your kid will be encouraged too.

9. Show him how each individual is different and not everyone can be his role model. People do have negative and bad qualities too and can make mistakes, help him understand that. Teach him about inappropriate behavior.

10. Guard against any negative models, real life and fictional, both.

11. Avoid media exposure in the form of TV, newspaper, internet with negative information.

12. Avoid reading books, stories with horrific images. Parenting style should be a perfect balance of love and discipline.