Provide Your Kid With Some Free Unstructured Time

Provide Your Kid With Some Free Unstructured Time
1y to 2y

Stimulating your child's talents and developmental areas is really important as your child grows up. But is there something called too much in this area? Absolutely! Parents tend to overstimulate their child because they want their child to excel in every possible way. This can create a lot of pressure for your child and he may not be able to take that amount of weight on his shoulders.

1. You can overburden your child if you plan way too many activities for the entire day every day. Your child needs rest too. Overstimulating him can cause his stress levels to rise up and you would not want a child to feel that amount of pressure. Let him do what he wants, if what he wants to do is nothing, too!

2. Do not plan anything at all. Give him some unstructured time to let him be by himself. Let him play by himself, not as a planned activity or a forced activity, but just as a way to pass time. He need not work on any of his skills at this time. This can be him spending some quality time with himself.

3. Let there be some quiet time. All fun and play will not do any good for your child. He needs to learn to enjoy some peace and quiet as well. Let him enjoy some time off of all the noise around him. This will revitalize him for further activities for the day.

4. Take your child out to the garden and let him just sit there, enjoying the colors of nature. Let him look at all the flowers and leaves quietly. This helps restore a lot of energy and relaxes him at the same time.