Quick Tips to Tame Your Little One's Temper Tantrums

Quick Tips to Tame Your Little One's Temper Tantrums

Your child is at a stage where his temper tantrums are as natural as his growth process. Here are some valuable tips that would help you handle his temper tantrums-

1. Keep your calm

The more you scream during his tantrum, the more his aggression would increase.

2. Don't forget that you're the adult

Don't exppect reasoning from your child because he is yet to reach that level of maturity where he understands the difference between right and wrong aptly. 

3. Don't give in to his unreasonable demands

This would make him feel that whatever he demands from you, if he throws tantrums by screaming, crying out loud or breaking things, it will lead to you fulfilling his demand. In this case, always remember, ignorance is really a bliss!

4. When it comes to time-outs, use them cleverly

Give your child time-outs only when he goes way overboard with his tantrums, otherwise, he wouldn't really fear the time-outs, seeing them as regular punishments.

5. Don't forget to talk it out

Once the tantrum, the ignorance, the punishment has subsided, hold him close to yourself talk it out freely, as to where he went wrong and why. Make him feel loved and cuddle him. This will make him understand that no matter what, you are always going to be by his side, and despite the anger, you still love him.