Spark Your Sweetheart's Self-Sufficiency

Spark Your Sweetheart's Self-Sufficiency
Self perception

Self- independence is loved by almost everyone. You can encourage self- sufficiency in your little one by following these steps:

1. Get a drink: To your toddler at this age, you can say positively, 'Let’s get a drink'. This way, you are giving him responsibility and also making him realize that it is his job to get a drink for himself.

2. Throw away diapers: Ask your sweetie pie to throw his dirty diaper away. You can simply monitor him in doing so to save him from creating any mess.

3. Put on your shoes:  You can encourage your little one to put on his shoes by showing him how to do it, let him try.

4. Get in the car: Let your kiddo try to get himself in the car, help him only if your little one asks you to do so.

These daily activities can simply encourage self- sufficiency in your little munchkin. So keep on trying so that one day your dependent toddler will grow into a self-independent child.