Strengthen Your Bond With Your Baby Through Play

Strengthen Your Bond With Your Baby Through Play
Family Bonding
Forming Relationships

1. Keep your phone and laptop away to avoid any distractions.

2. Encourage your child to play independently. Acknowledge and praise his efforts. Give him a hug, applause for him or treat him later. That will build trust between both of you.

3. Let your child play with a new toy by himself. Let him discover how to play with it and then watch his excitement. Be there for him so that he is assured and become his partner in crime.

4. At this age show your child will show his first signs of playing pretend. Imitating mummy or daddy sneezing, coughing, saying hello, holding the phone, etc. are going to be his favorite.

5. Join your child in his pretend play and take on your role. Engaging in simple but thoughtful conversations like what they’re cooking or what they’re looking for. This is an excellent way of building social skills and discovering emotions.