Swaddle Your Child For Better Sleep

Swaddle Your Child For Better Sleep

Putting your child down for a nice nap can be quite a challenge right about now especially since she is a lot physically active and curious than before. Your child may put up a fight when it comes to going to bed but here are a few things you can do for your child to help her get all the rest she needs to get up and about.

1. Stand right up and hold your child in her sleeping position. Wrap a cozy blanket around her and sway her gently from side to side to create a rocking motion. This will help your child get comfortable and will make her close her eyes. This is an age old method, which has always worked for new mothers and fathers.

2. Bundling up your child creates a sense of security for your little one as she takes a nap. For your child to have a sound sleep, it is very important to make her feel safe and secure. This will enhance her sleep by a great extent.

3. Once you put your child down in her bed or her crib, make sure to tuck her in and create a fort of fluffy pillows around her. The blanket will keep her warm and cozy while the pillows help her stay in place if she moves while at sleep.

4. Stitch a small hammock using a large cotton bed sheet and make sure it is quite strong and sturdy. You can hang it to the ceiling and make your child sleep in it. Swaddle your child really well and place her inside the hammock and gently swing the hammock to put her to sleep. This is one of the tradtional methods in Indian households and is proven to work well.

5. You can also put your child to sleep by bundling her up and by putting her in your lap. Rock your legs gently to create a rocking motion to make her feel sleepy. Once she is asleep, you can shift her into her bed along with her favorite stuffed animal.