Take Precautions If Your Kid Is Swimming In A Public Pool

Take Precautions If Your Kid Is Swimming In A Public Pool
Health & Hygiene

Swimming can be a fun filled summer activity for children at all ages. Playing in the public pool can provide the opportunity for quality family time with your kid, however, you should learn saftey tips and guidelines to help keep your child safe in the water.

1. Be informed. Staying alert and educated will help your child safe in the water. Share safety instructions with babysitters and neighbours to prevent injury.

2. Never leave your child unattended at a public pool. Constant supervision is an extremely important step to make sure your child is safe.

3. Never multi-task when your child is swimming. Talking on the phone, sun-bathing, reading a book, these all take your eyes away from watching your child.

4. Teach your child about basic pool and water safety. Be sure that the pool area is fenced off to prevent your children from falling into the water, and that there is a locking, self-closing date.

5. Don’t let your child swim alone. Always allow him to swim with a buddy with a lifeguard present in any other pool or body of water.

6. Keep your toddler at an arm’s reach when he is near water. It is better not to rely completely on air filled tubes for safety of your child.

7. Make sure that drains are properly covered to avoid any injury.

8. Water temperature is important too. Enter the water slowly and make sure it feels comfortable for your kid. If your child is shivering or has muscle cramps, get him out of the water immediately.