Tell Your Kid A Story - Part of Daily Routine

Tell Your Kid A Story - Part of Daily Routine

Storytelling is an amazing activity to be involved in for you and your child at this stage, as it serves as an amazing way to strengthen the bond between the two of you. This activity works incredibly well to engage your child for quite some time.

1. Pick stories that help instil good moral values in your child. They also help him idolize certain characters in the story as he can relate to them quite easily, especially if the characters are animals.

2. Traditional stories help your child become well connected with his culture and roots. He will be able to understand why certain customs and traditions are followed. Your child will have a new found respect for your culture.

3. Narrating a story to your child will help enrich his vocabulary to a huge extent. As your child listens to you, he will be able to pick up on the words told by you and he will begin to use them in general conversations in no time!

4. Storytelling effectively improves your child's listening abilities as well. Make sure to enunciate the words as you narrate. This will help his hearing as well as observation. He will catch on to every phonetic sound and try to imitate you as you pronounce words.

5. Another most important benefit of storytelling is that it enhances your child's creativity and imagination. Your child will easily be able to imagine as and when you describe certain qualities like, how big the bear was or how small the mouse was. This helps boost up his creative thinking.