Think Of Innovative Ways To Serve Your Kid Healthy Food

Think Of Innovative Ways To Serve Your Kid Healthy Food
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Processed foods, junk food, snacks, candies, and ice creams are pretty much what every child craves for. As tantalizing as each one of these is, they can be quite unhealthy. Getting your child to eat healthy can become quite a challenge later on if he gets used to eating junk from now itself. Home cooked meals are the best diet for your child as the ingredients will be fresh and clean. You can also make a healthy spin on various classics for your child's palette!

1. Learn about your child's preferences. He may like a vegetable a lot more than the other. One of the ways you can get him to eat the vegetable he does not seem to like is by perfectly camouflaging it with the one he likes.

2. If your child dislikes certain foods because of the way they taste, use other veggies to mask the taste of the one he dislikes. You can also use spices and condiments adequately to enhance the overall taste of the dish.

3. If the problem is with regard to the appearance, you can definitely do something about it. You can chop the fruits or veggies he dislikes, in different shapes, you can slice them or grate them as well. You can mix in a few spices and condiments and make the grated veggies into a brilliant paratha stuffing!

4. Introduce healthy salads that contain veggies and fruits. Sprouts, broccoli, quinoa, legumes, certain meats, cheese, etc., can be used in salads along with some yummy dressing to make the salad taste even better.