Tip Of The Day: How To Be A Positive Parent?

Tip Of The Day: How To Be A Positive Parent?

As your little one grows up, she tends to be naughty day by day. Do not restrict her from doing naughty things and just be around her so that she can explore the new world on her own. Do not judge your child for anything that she does as it is just her creative mind that has taken a jump and prompted her to do things.

1. A naughty child can make you go haywire and keep you on your toes all the time. You need to be very patient with your child.

2. He might throw tantrums every now and then and this might make you angry or impatient, but you need to keep calm in such a situation.

3. She is growing fast and her mind is curious of many things around her so just keep giving solutions to her curious mind and make her feel comfortable.

4. Patience is indeed the key to success for you and your baby so just keep up with your patience level and be happy with her.

5. Soothe your child when she throws the tantrums instead of scolding her as this might make her arrogant and ignorant.

6. Try to indulge your child in variety of activities where she can channelize her energy and mind well.