Tips to Encourage Your Child to Share his Belongings

Tips to Encourage Your Child to Share his Belongings

If you want your little one to ease into sharing process when his friends come over, plan ahead.

Children can’t resist the temptation to play with new toys. If your friend is coming over with her kid to your home, you can tell her to get some of his toys. This way both the kids will have new toys to explore and he will realize soon if he wants to play with others' toys, he should be willing to share his too.

You can do the same thing when you take your child for a playdate at your friend’s place. Ask your child which toys he would like to share with his friend well in advance. Put away the toys that he won’t share. After few playdate sessions, he may be willing to share and  get those toys out. This way you are teaching him how to share his stuff and also respecting his ownership and attachment.

At times, observe how your child behaves on a playdate. Give him time and space and see how he and his friend  work out the sharing process.