Tips To Ensure Your Baby Doesn’t Get Overtired

Tips To Ensure Your Baby Doesn’t Get Overtired
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An overtired baby will get fussy, cranky and clingy. His physical activity will increase and he will have difficulty in sleeping and staying asleep. Follow these tips to avoid getting your baby overtired.

1. Keep a watch on your baby’s sleep cues like yawning, rubbing eyes and not interested in anything. Remove him from any activity and help him calm down.

2. Lay your baby down to sleep slightly before his awake time is about to end.

3. Make him wear comfortable clothes, dim the room, sing songs, read a book and give him a feed or rock him if necessary.

4. Make sure all the feedings and naps are happening at the right time. 

5. And always remember to follow a good, consistent bedtime routine so that your baby knows that bedtime is coming.