Trick To Bring In Positive Attitude In Your Child

Trick To Bring In Positive Attitude In Your Child

Your little one learns the consequences of his actions whether good or bad through day to day experiences. You can teach him the appropriate behaviour through correction and reinforcement. This way you are nurturing a positive attitude in him.

Praise his efforts and don’t look for perfection. Reward him by giving a sticker.

For instance, if he is picking up the blocks and putting in the box, appreciate his work. Your positive tone and facial expressions are heard and read by him. Please remember he is getting responsible and self- reliant at the same time.

As far as possible avoid too many No’s and Don’t’s while talking to him. Use them when safety is the issue and explain with love and care. For instance, if he is putting pen in his mouth, you can say, “I love you cutiepie and I don’t want you to get hurt. So leave the pen.” Divert his attention to his safe toys.

As a parent, keep a positive attitude yourself. If you are negative, grumpy, yelling, your child will pick the same cues and start believing this is the way to behave.