Trick to Handle Your Fussy Eater

Trick to Handle Your Fussy Eater
Eating Habit

You may now see your cutiepie being choosy about foods during mealtime. It’s a phase where there are many changes happening in his life and you will be surprised why he has suddenly become a picky eater. He is beginning to be more active and learning new skills like walking, talking, and more. Also, he chooses what and how much to eat. 

Even if he is being fussy during meal time, offer healthy food choices. Try to introduce one new food next to foods that he already prefers to eat. Let him explore the new food by smelling, touching, licking or tasting. 

You may observe him wanting to feed himself. Offer safe “finger foods” and let him decide where each food should go in his colourful plate.

Keep a track of your child’s food sensitivities. Sometimes the texture, smell or taste of a particular food may cause him to avoid the food. Try giving the same food in another form. For instance, if he does not like to have vegetables, give it in the form of khichdi where the vegetables get mashed up with rice and dal.

Please never force your child to eat. This will worsen the picky eating tendency of your little one.