Trick to Instill the Right Sleeping Habit

Trick to Instill the Right Sleeping Habit
  • Your little one needs 2 naps(2 to 3 hours) and night time sleep(11 hours) at this stage of his life. 
  • In order to establish healthy sleeping habits early on, stick to a bedtime routine and naptimes at the same time every day. The consistency helps your child to predict what’s next and gives him a sense of self control.
  • Follow a bed time ritual. This can include food, sleep wear, reading a book.  
  • Train your little one to sleep on his own. Your ultimate goal is to get him to sleep through the night on his own. If he gets up in the middle of the night, have his favourite blanket or toy next to him which he can use to soothe himself back to sleep.
  • Your child may wake up at night. This is because of his growing cognitive and physical abilities. He is so excited with his new skill like walking, that he wants to practice more.  Comfort him and gently remind him its sleeptime. Avoid talking and getting him to play.