Unleash The Creativity In You For Your Child To Follow- Here's How

Unleash The Creativity In You For Your Child To Follow- Here's How
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Finding different ways to engage your child without boring her can be a very difficult task because repeated activities can really bore her. This is mainly because of her short attention span. Hence, you need to unleash your creativity in such a manner that the activities you plan for her will keep her engaged throughout.

1. Be creative with your storytelling. Do not just resort to narrating the story as printed in the storybook. Dramatize the narration in such a way that your child will remain engrossed throughout the story. You can take it to the next level by using finger puppets. This will help make the storytelling a much interactive activity.

2. Let your child play dress up. Give her all that she needs from costumes to makeup so that she can use the things the way she wants. You can also let her dress you up. This can be a super engaging activity for your child.

3. Plan occasional trips with your child and the family. This will help her explore new places and get comfortable with being out of her home. You can also plan activities for the outing to keep your child engaged.

4. Get creative right at home. Help your child make tons of craftwork with things from around the house. You can help your child out with this activity by giving her ideas on what she can do with waste bottles and other things.

5. Use the internet to your rescue. If you have no idea on how to engage your child, there are tons of creative activities you can try with your child!