Walk With Your Child And Share The New Experience

Walk With Your Child And Share The New Experience

Your child has started walking, a major step towards being self-reliant.  Now you can enjoy more special bonding times with your little one  by going for short walks in the park, neighbourhood, etc. 

Walking with your cutiepie is a wonderful way to slow down the pace of your life. You can use it as an opportunity to talk to him about  where you are going, what all you are seeing (birds, trees, etc.), thereby promoting  language development in him.

Whatever he sees, hears, smells, provide sensory experience. Also, he meets many people and may smile on seeing other children.

Keep the walk time comfortable for both of you. Let it not be too hot or too cold. Take walks around your garden or through the neighborhood together or hold hands and climb up and down the stairs together. This will give you both some bonding time and you’ll get some exercise too!