What Kinds Of Books Should You Choose For Your Little One?

What Kinds Of Books Should You Choose For Your Little One?

Reading books to your child is a really good way of imparting knowledge to him. It also serves as a great way of bonding between you and him. This increases his vocabulary, thereby improving his language and communication. This also helps him with keeping an active mind as his imagination is sparked up as you read to him.

1. During bedtime, if your child specifically likes to listen to a story before slumbering, take into account the kind of stories he would prefer. Ask him to pick a story or a book from the shelf and bring it to you. This will give you a broader perspective as to the various kinds of books you can pick up for him.

2. Pick stories that help instil moral values in him. There are several stories to choose from in this department. Panchatantra and Aesop's fables are a few to name. Since the characters of these stories are typically animals, your child will pay keen attention as you narrate them.

3. Pick books with lots of pictures as well. You can show your child each picture after narrating that bit of the story. This will help with better visualization and also helps him understand the story in a much better way.

4. Pop up books are all the rage these days. These have been proven popular amongst children of various ages as they provide visual stimulus along with the story.

5. You can also try puppet books in which you can insert your hands or fingers to help your child visualize the story as you narrate.