What To Do If Your Child Doesn’t Like Milk?

What To Do If Your Child Doesn’t Like Milk?
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As you wean your child off breastmilk and begin to slowly introduce milk, there can be a possibility of him not liking cow's milk as much as breastmilk. He may completely stop his dairy intake because of this reason. But since dairy is very much necessary for a growing child, you have to try and experiment with different methods to incorporate dairy into your child's diet.

1. Find out what about milk your child hates. If it is the taste he is having a hard time getting used to, try to sweeten it with some sugar. This can be so because breastmilk is slightly sweeter when compared to cow's milk. Breastmilk is also thinner in consistency when compared to cow's milk. Dilute the milk as you feed it to your child.

2. He may not like the way he is being fed. Try different variants of feeding bottles to find the right one. There are many kinds of nipples with different sizes and textures that help him as he sucks for the milk to flow better from the bottle to his mouth.

3. As you introduce solids, try incorporating dairy in his food so he does not fall short of the nutritive value coming in from dairy. You can include milk in purees, in vegetable mash and smoothies. You can include yoghurt or curd with rice and fruit salads.

4. Cheese is an excellent substitute for milk. Try mixing in cheese in his veggies. You can also use a dollop of desi ghee in pretty much any recipe. You can add butter in most dishes as well. This will bring some balance with respect to the dairy intake of your child.