What To Do When Your Child Is Adamant And Into Physical Violence

What To Do When Your Child Is Adamant And Into Physical Violence

At this stage, it is quite common for your child to get physically aggressive in order to express how she feels. It can also be just to get some attention from you. But, if this kind of behaviour is encouraged or overlooked, it can turn into a serious habit of hers. Here are a few ways you can help.

1. Understand the reason behind her violent behaviour. Quite often, it can be to express discomfort with something or that she needs something. It can also be a playful way to interact with you. Understanding the reason can help you curb this behaviour.

2. Do not encourage her when she starts to throw a tantrum and become violent. Observe her well enough to find out what sets her off to immediately distract her so she stops becoming aggressive.

3. Be polite to her and everyone else around you. You will be quite surprised by how much she learns by observing your behaviour. She will idolize you in many ways, so you have to be on your best behaviour too!

4. Do not show her movies that are violent. She will also learn from what she watches on TV and she may begin to exert violent behaviour as she interacts with you.

5. Correct her when you see her displaying aggression. Calm her down with your soothing words or by picking her up.

6. She can also get violent when she is extremely bored or restless. Engage her in an activity or put her down for a nap, depending on the situation.