What To Do When Your Kid Uses Bad Language?

What To Do When Your Kid Uses Bad Language?
  • Your child is in the talking mode and suddenly you hear him say a bad word or jargon. You are shocked and wondering from where he has picked up.
  • When your child uses bad words, be firm and tell him, “No bad words.” You need not shout at him but set limits clearly.
  • Avoid laughing. This can be misunderstood by your child and he may use the word again to make you laugh.
  • Teach respect to your little one. For instance, if he is calling people names, tell him clearly, “We don’t call people names as it can hurt their feelings.'' He may be doing it unintentionally but correct him then and there.
  • Most importantly, watch what you say and how you treat people,  be it family members, friends, maids, etc. Your child is a keen observer and can easily pick up bad words or behaviour.