When Your Child Hits Or Bites

When Your Child Hits Or Bites

At this age, your child will resort to some violent ways to express how he feels at certain times. This can include throwing tantrums, biting, scratching, hitting even. He will not be able to understand the impact of his actions. He may choose this way of expressing himself also to show affection. At times like these, you need to figure out a constructive way to rid your child of this habit.

1. As your child begins to show aggression or love by means of hitting you or biting you, you can try and distract him by showing him something he is very fond of. This will get his mind off of it for some time.

2. Tell your child that is is not okay for him to hurt the people around him by means of hitting or biting. This has to be done repeatedly such that it makes an impact on your child. This can take a while, do not lose patience. Try and tell him almost every time he displays such behavior.

3. Show him lots of love and affection. Influencing your child in a positive manner can really help him understand that there is no need for him to resort to unpleasant behavior. This can especially help if he chooses to express love and affection in this form. He will understand that he need to hit or bite in order to show you how much he loves you. There are hugs and kisses for that.

4. Do not punish him or yell at him to curb this behavior. This can only hurt him and motivate him to be that way, even more. Be firm and consistent as you tell him that his behavior is wrong.