Winter Care Tips For Your Little One!

Winter Care Tips For Your Little One!
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Winters are here and it is essential to make use of some effective winter care tips for your little one.

1. Make sure that you moisturize your child's skin often because due to sensitivity, their skin tends to go devoid of moisture easily.

2. Prefer bath gels over soaps to give your child a bath, since bath gels are less irritating and don't have harsh chemicals like soaps.

3. Don't use harsh detergents since your child's skin is quite sensitive and permeable and the irritant substances can easily get into their skin, leading to rashes.

4. Whenever you give your child a bath, use only lukewarm water, because hot water will strip their skin off its natural oils.

5. Use organic lip balms to prevent your child's lips from getting too dry.

6. Make sure your child drinks enough water, to avoid dehydration.

7. As your child grows older, these tips will still remain effective, except that you have to choose winter moisturizer for him, depending on his skin type. However, till 8 years your child doesn't need specific moisturizer according to skin type, and can definitely do with a proper, chemical-free winter moisturizer as well as natural oils, to keep their skin supple and healthy.