Latest Tamil Baby Boy and Girl Names

From the time you got to know about your pregnancy news, you may have started imagining your baby's name and may be searching top, unique, lastest tamil baby names. You might have been bombarded with information online and offline. You might have gone through all possible ways to find the most unique and trendy name for your baby. We know this journey can be the happiest but toughest at the same time. You see the irony! Right!. When it comes to choosing your baby's name there are certain points that you need to keep in your mind.Latest Tamil Baby Boy and Girl Names

While choosing a name ask yourself whether that name will stand the test of time. For example, if you choose a very trendy tamil baby name, once the trend is out your baby's name also will be out of trend. Then your baby may have to explain the meaning of the name throughout his/her life. Avoid names that fall under these categories. Similarly, when you choose a classic tamil baby name, search for a more striking and meaningful name instead of boring and common names. You can also honor your family or cultural heritage by choosing a name that falls under this category. It will be unique as well as highlight your cultural roots. Do a thorough research on meanings of your chosen name so that you don't endup meanings that you don't desire.

Imagine your baby growing up as an adult with the same name. It is important that the baby carries the name happily in every stage of life. You can also ask your friends and relatives for suggestions. There is nothing wrong in taking their opinions into consideration. Always keep the middle name or the surname in mind. Make sure that the name suits both. The naming ceremony is conducted differently for each baby depending on the tradition and culture the baby is born into.

When it comes to Tamil tradition, the naming ceremony of the baby is called Namakaranam. This ceremony is carried out after 30 days(may vary from one region to another) of the baby’s birth. It is celebrated grandly. On the day of namakaranam, relatives and friends of the family gathers at the baby's house. The chosen name for the baby is written in the rice on the floor. The father of the baby  recites the name secretly in the baby's ears . All the family members present in the ceremony recite the baby’s name in the baby's ears.  These names are meaningful and often indicate luck, wealth, gratitude, culture, tradition etc. Once the ceremony is done the baby gets the name for the rest of life.

Don't get panicked by the options or entire process of naming the baby. Even if you regret giving the baby a particular name, You still have the option to change and opt for a new name. There are some processes you need to go through. We have chosen 260 unique and attractive baby boy and girl names in Tamil. Please scroll through and find which one suits your ideas. We wish you a great experience in your baby's naming ceremony as per tamil tradition

Top Tamil Baby Girl Names

Aamani - THe spring season
Aaranam - Ornament
Aaruthira - Very  Soft
Aavani – First month of Tamil calendar
Aavirai -Name of a flower
Abiradhi - Delightful
Adhithyaprabha - Bright
Agalya -  One who is Beautiful
Bhrithi - The one who grows and cherishes  
Bethani -  God's promise
Brija - A seed
Basanti - Indicates Spring season
Bhagyalakshmi - Goddess of luck
Bhakti - Devotion
Bagavathi - Mother of Goddess
Bairavi - Name of  Goddess Durga
Cinthana -  Smiling always
Chitrani - River Ganga
Chandrapushpa - Moonflower
Chandira - Moon
Chandrajyoti - Moonlight
Chandrika - Moon
Chellamani - small gem
Damyanti - Wife of Nala
Deepti - Flame
Daevi - Goddess
Devmani - precious stone
Dhanalakshmi - Goddess of wealth
Ezhili - Clouds
Elil - Beautiful one
Elina - The one who is pure and Brilliant
Elisa -God is a Promise
Enaya – Protection
Eila –  Earth
Eiravati - Bright
Ela - Noble
Falina - which is fruitful
Fareena - one who is happy
Feeona - Beautiful and attractive
 Felicina - Successful person
 Fioni - Fair
 Fiya -  One who is Powerful
Genvisha -  truthful princess
Gemine - third sign of Zodiac
Gajanasindhu - River
Gajalakshmi - Goddess Lakshmi
Gandharika - Princess
Giribala - Strength of a hill
Gunavati – Virtuous
Gunavadivu - good character
Hiranmayee - LIke a deer
Himaadri -snow mountain
Haarshini - Cheerful
Haasini - smiles always
Haleema - One who is Gentle
Hamrithavarshini - Rain raga
Hamshika - Goddess Saraswati
Ilaagiya - classic
Ilakkiya - classic
Ilamathi - New moon
Ilamayil -  A Young peacock
Ilampirai - Young crescent
Ilanangai - Young  girl
Jaasritha - Goddess Lakshmi
Jagadeshwari - Queen of this world
Jagathi - the universe
Jaishna - Clear
Jaishree - Goddess of victory
Kyvalya - One from Heaven
Kshirsa - Goddess Laxmi
Koyel - the cuckoo bird
Kaaveri - Name of a river
Kaavia -  imagination
Kaavya - Poem
Kahini - A Story
Latika - Like a  Rose
Lirisha - beautiful angel
Laboni -  One who is Graceful
Lajwanti - Sweetness
Lakesha - Life
Laksha - Aim
Mysha - happy for entire life
Mythri -  friendship
Mishty - A sweet person
Mishaye - gift of love
Medhavi -  wise and very intelligent
Nalayani - A River
Nalinaksha - One who is Lotus-eyed
Namratha - Obedient
Nanditha - Happiness
Nanthini - Goddess Parvati
Narthana - Dance
Olikodi - Brilliant
Olimani - Bright
Olivia - Olive tree
Oliyarasi - Brilliant
Onania - red diamond
Oormila - Princess of Mithila
Padma - Goddess Lakshmi
Padmaja - Divine lotus
Padmini - Lotus pond
Palak - Eyelashes
Pallavi - smart
Palnila - Beautiful
Pameela - sweet like Honey
Renuga - Goddess Durga
Ranya - being pleasant
Rabikshini - Brave
Rachana - Creative
Rachita - Creator
Radha - Lord Krishna
Sabitha - Sunshine
Sachika -  flute of Lord Krishna
Sachita - Consciousness
Saadhna - Worship
Saesha - One’s Great desire
Sagari - the ocean
Tishya - A star
Taanusiya - devotee
Taanvi - Delicate
Taarika - Sage Shandilya's daughter
Tabitha - Beautiful
Tabu - Excellent
Umika - Goddess Parvati
Udantika - Great
Udaya - Dawn
Udayadi - Intense
Udhaya - Rising sun
Udiramalar - attractive flower
Venuka-  flute
Vaanadhi - Milky way
Vaagai -  beautiful flower
Vaani - Speech
Vaanika - Sita
Vaannila - Moon
Wamika - Goddess Durga
Wamil - Beautiful
Womaayal - Name of a Goddess
Yugitha - Goddess Lakshmi
Yuhisha - Path to heaven
Yuktha - Absorbed
Yukthi - Strategy
Yutika - Flower
Yuvasri - Beautiful

Top Tamil Baby Boy Names

Tamil baby boy names

Aadhirai-Special star
Aadijay-  Success, victory
Aadiv- one who is delicate
Akshiv-God Shiv
Aaditya-The sun
Badri prasad-Gift of Badrinath
Badrinath-Lord Vishnu
Badriprasad-gift of Badri
Bahubalia- Jain tirthankar
Bahulaa- starBahuleya
Cherith- beloved one
Chaital-  consciousness
Charit-  historic
Chivan- Lord Shiva
Divik- God's ray
Dhrishay-who is bold
Dhaerye-The one who has enough patience and courage
Dipesh-Lord of light
Ekaj-only child
Ekaksha-one-eyed Lord Shiva
Gemini- twin
Girven/Girvan-God’s  language
Harithik-From heart
Henith-A  tiger
Harsith/Hasik-One who is joyous
Ilan-one who is young
Isai- music
Inesh-Lord Vishnu
Idhayan- joy of heart
Janak-one who is a good man
Jayin- who is a conqueror
Jegan-one who is strong
Kadal-the ocean
Kairav- white lotus
Keegan-Small and fiery
Kevin- who is gentle
Kanish-one who is caring
Karvin-who is kind
Likith- A writer
Lavanay- who is handsome
Lian-A lotus
Lankesh-Ravana of Lanka
Mehul- Rain
Mohak- attractive one
Mrinmoy- made of Earth
Nesan- full of love
Nihal- who is gratified
Namish-Lord Vishnu
Nirish- freedom
Nirmay-Made of gold
Oneesh- Lord of mind
Onik- A  soldier
Oviyan- An artist
Oris- A  tree
Pavan- The wind
Parvin-who is a winner
Parithi- the sun
Prajith- king
Pratiksh- love

Ramesh-Lord Vishnu
Rupesh-Lord of Beauty
Ryan- who is a ruler
Renit-Lord of Love
Seelan- disciplined
Saatvik-who is pious
Sajeev-The feeling of being alive
Sachiv-A friend
Suvan- emanation
Tahir- holy
Taksa- son of Bharata
Tanish/Taneesh- ambition
Tarvin-Palm tree
Thendral- like a breeze
Uyir- life
Umang- enthusiasm
Udbhav- generated
Uvendra-who is the best
Viyaan- Awe inducing
Virya- Strength
Vihan- intelligent
Vivin- full of life

Disclaimer : Content presented here is for information purposes only, please consult with your doctor for any health queries

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