Top 100 Popular Telugu Baby Boy Names with Meanings

Are you searching for a traditional Telugu baby boy name? Are you worried on finding a unique baby name for your son before "Barasala", the baby naming ceremony in Telugu?


Telugu Baby Boy Names


Here, we have listed down over 100 popular Telugu baby names for your son, along with their meanings

Telugu Names for Boys from A to D


 Sr No     Starts With        Baby Boy Names       Meanings  
 1Names Starting with A   Aarksh

The one of the celestials      

 2 Aadish

Full of wisdom

 3 Aabheer

Herd of cow

 4 Aadarsh


5 Aagam


6 Abhyuday

Good learner

7 Achyuta

Not be destructed

8Names Starting with BBaladitya

Risen Sun

9 BharatFull of desires
10 BhavishFuture


 BhargavaGood archer
12 BaalaajiLord Vishnu
13 BalamurliYoung
14Names Starting with CChaitanConsciousness
15 ChinmayPride
16 CeyoneRising sun


18 CharvikIntelligent
19 ChandraguptAncient king
20Names Starting with DDakshCompetent
21 DakshitLord Shiva
22 DaivitGift of god
23 DeekshithMeditation
24 DeepankarGod of light
25 DenadayalHumble


 DevadattaGod's gift
27 DevendranathKing of Gods


Telugu Names for Boys from E, F to J

 Sr No     Starts With        Baby Boy Names       Meanings
 1Names Starting with E  Ehan

Full Moon

 2 Esh / Eshwar


 3 Eashan

God Vishnu

 4 Eelamynthan

Youngest son

5Names Starting with FFanishwar

Lord of serpents

6 Fravash

Guardian angel

7 Faneemdra

Lord Shiva

8Names Starting with GGanak


9 GambhirSerious one
10 GabithLord Murugan


12 GovardhanA mountain in
13Names Starting with HHanshithHoney
14 HarshHappiness
15 HenithLike a Tiger
16 HameshForever


18 HansarajSwan King
19Names Starting with IIIkanshWhole universe
20 IrinKing of Warrior
21 IhamDesired
22Names Starting with JJatinSaint Like
23 JyranLost Love
24 JaahnavName of a Hindu Rishi
25 Joshva

Funny Person

Telugu Names for Boys from K to O


 Sr No     Starts With        Baby Boy Names       Meanings  
 1Names Starting with KKaanishk


 2 Kalpit


 3 Kritin

Highly skilled, Brilliant


 4 Kevalin


5 Keyurin


6 Names Starting with LLagan


7 Laksh


8 Lokesh

King of the world

9 LavanHandsome
10 LalitAttractive


 Names Starting with MMaahirBrave
12 Maandharhonorable
13 MadanCupid
14 MadeshLord Shiva
15 MadhukantSweet Voice
16 MagadhSon of Yadu


18 Names Starting with NNihanthEternal
19 NayaneshEye
20 NirvashLand of bliss
21 NirikshaAnticipation
22 NadeeshGod of River
23 Names Starting with OOshinOcean
24 OviyanArtist
25 OneeshLord of Mind

Telugu Names for Boys from P to Z


 Sr No     Starts With        Baby Boy Names       Meanings  
 1Names Starting with PPahal

An Initiative

 2 Padmayani

Lord Brahma

 3 Palash Ranjan

Beautiful like a flower


 4 Pallav

New leaves

5 Panchavaktra

Lord Hanuman

6 Names Starting with RRaahinya

Lord Vishnu

7 Raagav

Lord Ram

8 Rushant


9 RedanLoving Heart
10 RiyanDoor of heaven king


 Names Starting with SSaahasBrave One
12 ShrotGood Listener
13 SaadhavPurity
14 SrenikOrganised
15 SaanjyaIncomparable
16Names Starting with TTamasDarkness


18 TavasyaStrength
19 TejulBrilliant
20 TamogneshLord Vishnu
21Names Starting with UUchitCorrectness
22 UdeshFlood
23 UjithraLight


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