Popular Telugu Baby Names with Meaning

Naming your baby may be the happiest as well as intense task. Most difficult part is that you have various options to choose from. Your relatives or friends may already have bombarded you with various suggestions. To narrow these vast lists down, First you need to decide on what you really want to convey with your baby's name. Once you finalize it, choose few names and you can ask suggestions from your relatives and friends. When you are focusing on certain traditions and traditional names, this task can be even more hectic. Some people start fascinating about certain names from the beginning of pregnancy. Each parents have different inspirations and there are various factors that come into play while choosing namePopular Telugu Baby Names with Meaning

There are certain factors  you need to keep in mind while choosing a name. You have to remember that this name will stay forever with you baby. Doing it right way will even make your baby thankful to you forever for such a unique name. Some tips that you need to keep in mind while choosing telugu name for your baby

  • choose classic names over trending names
  • Focus on how you want the name to sound. Avoid names that sound very harsh
  • Try unique and rare names. But keep in mind that your baby has to live with it for the rest of her/his life.
  • Find names that are meaningful
  • Pay attention to the middle name and last name and see if the name you are choosing is matching them or not.
  • See if the name will be attractive in your baby’s adulthood too
  • See if the name satisfies all that you want to convey by naming your baby.
  • Names inspired by famous personalities.
  • You can go according to telugu traditional roots.
  • Names that are lucky as per your baby's star if you believe in astrology.

Go through all the above points in mind while naming your baby. Though it is difficult to cover all the points, make sure that you as parents are satisfied with the name.

Barasala: Telugu naming ceremony of a baby

When it comes to Telugu language, its a dravidian language that is spoken in the region of Andhrapradesh and Telangana. Telugu is the most spoken language in south India.Telugu Baby names are meaningful as well as beautiful. Telugus have a tradition called "Barasala" which is Telugu naming ceremony of a baby. This is performed on the 21st day after the baby is born. On this day, the baby is seen by relatives for the first time.The baby's arrival is celebrated by singing songs. The baby's name is written on the floor in rice and the baby's maternal uncle keeps a golden ring near the baby's mouth. Maternal and Paternal grandparents give gold to the baby. By this the naming ceremony is considered as completed.

We have made an exclusive list of Telugu Baby boy and baby girl names that you can choose for your baby which will represent your Telugu Heritage.These names are so unique to Telugu tradition that it will not fail you to show off your Telugu roots.

Top 100 Popular Telugu Baby Girl Names

Telugu Baby Girl Names


Aadita- The beginning
AakarshaOne who is above everybody
Anandini- Happiness
Aaghnya- Born from fire
Anandi- Women who brings joy
Bani- Strength
Bilvanilaya-Lives under a Bilva
Bethina- God’s promise
Behula- perfect wife
Chandravadana- Body of Goddess
Chittaranjani-Raga of music
Darshini-The one who gives blessing
Dnyaneshwari- Holy Bhagwat Geeta
Ekakanya-A Girl
Elavarasi-Youthful girl
Ecchumati-Name of a river
Freya-God of love
Faloni-The one who Takes charge
Grishma-THe summer season
Genelia- Attractive and charming
Gunavati- One who is expert in everything
Gopikashri- Heards Cowherd
Ghanashyama-A Raga in music
Gulika- always happy and cheerful
Hradha-lake, calmness
Hritvika- joy of love
Hiti-simplicity, purity
Hradini- lightening
Hyndhavi- Goddess Durga
Hemalata-Golden creeper
Hansanandini- daughter of swan
Hrudkamali-A Raaga in music
Harinakshi- Beautiful eyes
Ishani- Name of Goddess Parvati
Ivaanka - grace of God
Ivanshika- God’s grace
Indusseetala- calm and cool  like the moon
Imaani- one who is Faithful
Ilavenil- Young
Juana-God’s gift
Jigruksha-Hope for wisdom
Jemisha- queen of the night
Kanaka- gold
Kshyanika- transient one
Kosha/Koesha- name of the river
Kivyaa-queen of birds
Lunasha- One who spreads light.
Lokini-  one who cares for all
Lumbika-Musical instrument
Logitha- Twinkling eyes
Mysha/Misha- Always happy
Mythradevi-Goddess of truth
Mrunalini- lotus
Nymisha- twinkling of an eye
Niverta-  bliss
Neelaveni- A Raaga
Oviya- an artist
Oeshi-divine rose
Omkareshwari-Goddess Parvati Gauri
Pushpavathi-Decorated with flowers
Pushpasri-Bunch of flowers
Pushpagandha-Juhi flower
Rupriya-Beautiful pretty
Rupeshwari-Goddess of beauty
Rupasi-Beautiful lady
Syra – Princess
Swati – A Nakshatra
SaiyeishaGod Sainath
Sanghmitra – Devotee of Lord Buddha
Trishala – Trident
Tisya- auspicious
Tuli-Fine paintbrush
Tritiya-A River
Triti-A moment in time
Trishika-Goddess Lakshmi
Udvita-River of lotuses
Ushika-Goddess Parvati
Usharvi-Raga in the morning
Ushakiran-Rays of Morning Sun
Vrusti- heavy rainfall
Vritika-success in life
Viva-one who is full of life
Vyjayanti-Garland of Lord Krishna

Latest Telugu baby boy names

Telugu Baby Boy Names

Aadish-full of wisdom
Aabheer- Herd of cow

Achyuta-Not be destructed

Bhavish- Future
Baalaaji-Lord Vishnu

Chinmay- Pride
Charish- Grace

Dakshit-Lord Shiva

Easwaran- Manu's son

Govardhan-A mountain in

Hanshith-  Honey
Hamesh- forever

Iraj- Humayun

Jatin-  saint-like
Joshva- funny person

Kritin- highly skilled, Brilliant

Lagan- Devotion
Lavan- handsome

Madesh-Lord Shiva
Magadh-Son of Yadu

Nirvash-Land of bliss
Niriksha - Anticipation

Redan- loving heart
Saahas- Brave one 

Srenik- Organised

Tavasya- strength
Uddyam- Start
Vivin- will power
Vaasu- Wealth
Vimesh-most enthusiastic
Vikhyat-  popular person
Waman- Short
Wykhunda- Beautiful stranger
Yadunandan- Lord Krishna
Yagyasen- King of Drupad
Yaj- A sage
Yamahil- Lord Vishnu
Yashmit - Famous
Zahin- Intelligent
Zaiden- Strength
Zameer- Integrity
Zayin- Hebrew

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