Top 100 Kannada Baby Girl and Boy Names

Your baby's name is the most valuable possession that you are going to give him/her. You need to make sure that you are going with the best one. I know this task can be a little hectic as well as confusing. You may not know where to begin from and which way to go. You  may also be given so much advice and suggestions during this time that you are totally clueless about whom to listen to and whom not to. Some names may be interesting for you but not for your partner at the same time. There might be some names that you and your partner may agree upon but your relatives may not. You might have gone online and may got even more confused with the vastness of available options.Top 100 Kannada Baby Girl and Boy Names

You need to keep many factors in mind while naming a baby. Going with the trend is what many parents do. While that is a good option. You need to make sure that the name stands the test of time. A name that is very trending at the time might not be relevant once the trend is out. So always go for names which you feel may not lose importance even if the time changes. You may go with names that have great meanings. This meaning could be anything, it can convey how you feel about the baby, how your parenting style is, what you need to convey to the world about your baby or how you want your baby to feel once he or she grows up.

You can look into your family trees and roots for the perfect name. Sometimes there might be names which may glorify your culture and traditions and also be unique at the same time. For this you can ask your relatives and do a detailed analysis. You should keep in mind that your baby needs to use this name wherever he/she goes. So avoid names that are too difficult to use at other places. Do not overcomplicate spellings of the name so that your baby has to spell his/her name everywhere he/she goes.


Namkarana Samskara: Naming ceremony in Karnataka

There are various customs and traditions when it comes to naming ceremonies in India. Every region has its own way of naming a baby. Most of the region has different names for the ceremony itself. It also depends on the religion and caste at some places.

Among the kannadigas, the naming ceremony is called Namakarana. There will be a pooja conducted after the 10th day of the baby's birth. Parents can choose the day based on astrologer’s advice too.It also varies by the gender of the is believed that the name determines the personality and character of the baby. Relatives visit house on this day with gifts for the new born.Relatives go the baby’s home at the evening of this ceremony.Paternal aunt of the bay pronounces the name of the baby  thrice in the baby’s ears followed by other elederly women in the house.sweets are then distributed among the guests.

Here we have curated 200 unique and attractive kannada baby names for your little munchkin. You can go through and choose the best suited one for your bundle of joy. We wish you to have a great Namakarana Samskara.

Top 100 Baby Boy Names in Kannada

Kannada Baby Girl Names

Abhi- Fearless
Abij- without seed
Abra- Cloud
Adit- Beginning
Adil- Sincere
Barun- God the sea
Batuk- A small boy
Bavin- Winner
Beeru-strong one
Bakul- A tree
Balan- Youthful
Charit- History
Chaswa- God’s nature
Chature- Clever
Cheran- Moon
Chaswa-Nature of God
Chetak- Horse of Rana pratap
Dron- Teacher of Arjun
Dhak- Powerful
Daman- Controller of everything
Danta-Lord Hanuman
Eashan- LOrd Vishnu
Ehimay- Rising Sun
Ekakhsh- Lord Shiva
Ekanga- Bodyguard
Fareed- Incomparable
Farhat- Happiness
Farukh- Power of Discrimanation
Garg-A saint
Geet- song
Gopu- Smart
Gorv- Lord Shiva
Gopu- Smart
Gorv- Honour
Harji- The horizon
Harit- Cultivator
Harsh- Happiness
Hasit- Happy
Hasta- Hand
Ihiy- Prize
Ijay- Lord Vishnu
Iman-Nmae of a Raga
Imay- Faithful
Janu-Life force
Japa- Chanting
Jaya- Victory
Jina- Fullest life
Jitu- One who wins
Jogi- Saint
Krit- Famous one
Kuna-Lord vishnu
Kunj-Sweet voice
Kush-Son of Lord Rama
Kaalu- Man who is free
Lihan-Who don't refuse
Lohit- Soft heart
Lucky- Fortunate
Luvya-One who is lovable
Lakhan- Lord Rama
Lakith- Written
Laksha- Money
Mark- Mars
Maya- Illusion
Medh- Saraswati
Meet- Love
Neel- Lord Shiva
Omesh- Like Lord
Onkar-God’s name
Oojam- Enthusiasm
Oresh- Thankful
Paksh- Phases of moon
Palak- Eyelash
Palin- Protector
Panav- Prince
Parag- Pollen grains
Param- Sweet smell
Rag- Piece of music
Rah- Patience
Raj- Kingdom
Ram- Charming
Ray- Streak of light
Ree- Lord Shiva
Rey- Coming from Rye
Raag- Music
Raam-Lord Rama
Rach- Formation
Setu- Sacred symbol
Seva- Service
Shae- Courteous
Shaj- Beautiful
Sham- Strong person
Shan- Pride
Tanav- Flute
Tanay- Son of wind
Tanip- Sun
Tanuj- Brightness
Tanul- Expand
Tanvi- Feeling
Udesh- Aim of life
Udyam- Effort
Udyan- beautiful garden
Ujala- Bright
Ujesh-Who gives light
Ujwal- Bright
Vadin- one who lectures
Vahin- Lord Shiva
Valak -Crane
Valan- Ingenious
Yug- Age
Yadu- Ancient king
Yash- Prosperity
Yogi- In  a million
Yuga- Generation
Yuva- Youth
Yadav- Lord Krishna
Yadhu-Lord Krishna
Yagna- Sacrifice
Yajat- Lord Shiva
Yaman- Oath
Yamir- Moon
Yasti- Slim
Yatin- Devotee
Zev- Deer
Zaid- Honest
Zaki- Virtuous
Zora- Dawn Light
Zahin- Intelligent

Top 100 Baby Girl names in Kannada


Kannada Baby Boy Names


Adra- Virgin
Afaf- Virtuous
Agam- Earth’s color
Alia- Exalted
Alka- One with lovely hair
Alpa- Collect small things
Amar- Forever
Bhagy- Luck
Bhama- Lustre
Bhani- Hindu Goddess
Bhanu- Fame
Bhavi- Emotional
Bhini- MIld fragrance
Charla- From Charlotte
Charmi- Beautiful
Charvi- Attractive woman
Charvy- Beautiful
Chayla- Fairy
Chervi- Kubera’s Wife
Chethu- Intellectual power
Dea- Valley
Dee- Mother of Perseus
Dali- A flower
Daya- Kindness
Deva- Deity
Devi- Goddess
Dewi- Goddess
Deya- Visible
Dhya- Meditation
Dina- Judged
Dipa- Illuminate
Duti- Goddess Lakshmi
Eva- Breathing
Edha- Prosperity
Ekaa- Goddess Durga
Ekta- Unity
Elsa- Snow
Ganvi- Knowledge
Gargi- Ancient scholar
Gatha- Poem
Gaura- Fair woman
Gayna-Goddess Parvathi
Hani- Droplet
Hanu- Lord Hanuman
Hara- Princess
Hema- Gold
Hemu- Golden
Hena- Flower
Hera- Queens of God
Heta- Battle
Heti-Ray of Sun
Ikya- Unity
Ipsa- Ambition
Inka- Daughter of a Hero
Jaga- Pure
Janu- Gracious
Jya- Victory
Jigi- Water stream
Jivi- Life
Jiya- Peace of heart
Joti- Lamp
Kali- Beautiful
Kama- LOve
Keva- Beautiful Child
Kira- LIght
Keya- Flower of monsoon
Kyra- Princess
Lasya- Graceful
Lataa- Creeper
Leela- Divine drama
Lekha- Picture
Maha- Gazelle
Madu- Sweet
Mana- Supernatural power
Mali- wealth
Manu- Of mind
Maya- Illusion
Meet- A friend
Megha- Clouds
Meha- Intelligent
Mera- Lord Krishna’s wife
Mili- to findout
Nima- To measure
Nira- One who watches
Nipa- One of a kind
Niru- Heavenly
Nina- hope
Nita- Gracious
Omya- Kindness
Oorja- The energy
Oviya- Artist
Odathi- Refreshing
Omaira- Awesome
Omisha-Goddess of Birth
Puji- Gentle
Padma- Lotus
Pakhi- Gorgeous
Pahal- Start
Palvi- Leaves
Pampa- River
Rati- Beautiful lady
Ravi- Sun
Raya- Flow
Reem- Gazelle
Reka-Pure mistress
Rena- Graceful
Reva- Sweet heart
Reya- Queen
Simi- Limit
Siri- prosperity
SIta- Noble
Sneh- Love
Siya- Goddess Sita
Soha- Sunrise
Soma- Moon rays
Somi-God’s Daughter
Tanu- Body
Tapi- Name of a river
Tara- Star
Taru- Tree
Tarz- Music
Taza- Fresh
Talli- Young
Tanuja- Bright
Uma- Goddess Parvati
Ulka- Wealthy
Ura- Heart
Unma- Jpy
Unni- Modest
Urja- Energy
Vania- Butterfly
Varaa-Goddess Parvathi
Varda- A deity
Varij- High
Varnu- Coloured
Yami- brightness in Dark
Yara- Butterfly
Yesa- Famous
Yoga- Happiness
Yogi- Sage
Yagna- Sacred Fire
Yadya- Scared Ritual
Yajna-Fire offering
Yanti- Parvati
Yanvi- Light in Dark
Yamal- A twin
Zuha- Morning star
Zora- Daybreak
Zoya- Fragrance
Zuhi- Jasmine flowers
Zyna- Welcome

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