Top 200 Bengali Baby Boy and Girl Names

One you announce that you are expecting good news, of course whether you have shortlisted names that you are going to give your little one who is going to arrive. If you mention names that you have shortlisted or if you mention that you have not decided upon anything then you may be given certain  advice or options. You may be interested or may be confused with these options.its not ideal to just randomly choose a name and be content with it. You may have to go through a lot of research back and forth to finalize a name.Top 200 Bengali Baby Boy and Girl Names

There are certain points you need to keep in mind while doing this research.

  • You need to be relaxed before choosing anything.
  • Avoid trying to achieve too much through a name. Keep a few points in mind and start the process.
  • Always choose names that have made you fall in love for the first time itself.Because if you love the name there are chances that your baby may also end up loving it.
  • Avoid depending on someone to suggest a name. You as a parent are the best person to choose a name for your baby. No other person's choice can completely satisfy you. You can consider opinions but not completely depend on them for the actual name.
  • Find a name that has deeper meanings. The meaning could be related to anything like it could convey your roots and traditions. It could convey what you want to be as a person when he/she grows up. It could also be what the child means to you.
  • Make sure the name you choose matches your baby's middle name and last name.
  • See if you want to provide any nick name that you need to take from the actual name.
  • Avoid bizarre names even if you want to be very unique. Make sure that the name you give to your baby is not place bound and can be easily used anywhere the baby likes to travel in future.
  • Avoid names that are difficult to write and pronounce. Because complicated names and spelling make the child spell the names all the time throughout life
  • Make a list of names and discuss with your partner. Make sure that you go for names that you and your partner are commonly in love and agree.
  • Avoid names that none of you is not very excited about. This way you can rule out many names from the list you made.


Namakaran: Naming Ceremony in Bengali Tradition

Every culture and tradition has its own way of celebrating a baby's naming ceremony. As per bengali tradition, Just like any other bengali ceremonies, naming ceremony for baby is very vibrant and colorful. Bengalis perform this ceremony with lots of rituals sincerely. Among bengalis there is a popular belief that baby's name determines his/her character and personality in future.They call this ceremony Namakaran. In this ceremony names are written and diyas are kept near the names. The name which has the diya lighting beside it till the last gets chosen by the relatives. This is very unique to Bengali tradition.

We have made an exclusive list of unique Bengali baby names which you will fall in love with. You can go through the list and shortlist the names that you and your partner mutually agree upon. We wish you a very happy naming ceremony.

Top 100 Bengali Baby Boy Names


Bengali Baby Boy Names


Asit-  Limitless
Aadijay- Victory
Anik- blessed one
Aarul- bright
Abanish- The king
Abhoy-fearless person
Achintya- heals worries
Akhilbandhu- Everyone's friend
Abhraneel-Lord Krishna
Arup-Not comparable
Amitabh-  immeasurable
Ankur-Buds of a flower
Aranyak-dense forest
Aadyot- Bright
Bapi- river bank
Basu- Richest
Bhashkar-  Sun
Bishwajit- one who wins the world
Chiradeep- Eternal lamp
ChitranjanI- Joyous within
Deepayan- brings light
Dipon-God of light
Debab- Name of Bhisma
Debjyoti-Lord of light
Debashish-Lord’s blessing
Debashmit-God of the rings
Debjit-Conqueror of all Gods
Debanjan-Eyes of Gods
Ekagrah- One who is focused
Ekraj-One who rules
Gobind-preserver of world
Gyandeep-lamp of knowledge
Harinaksh-Lord Shiva
Hiren-God of diamonds
Idris-One who instructs
Indrashish-blessing of God
Jian-Man of strength
Jatindranath-Lord Shiva
Jaydeb-Lord of victory
Jayashish-Victory with blessing
Kapi-Lord Hanuman
Lokakriti-World's creator
Lakesh-Cinnamon tree
Likhil-name of Goddess Saraswati
Meer- Leader
Modan-Lord of Love
Monohar- great charmer
Monojit-wins over others’ minds
Mounish- One who conquers minds
Mainak-Mena's Son
Mritunjay-Lord Shiva
Nairit-South west
Nandish-Lord Shiva
Omor-Immortal one
Omdutta- One who is god’s gift
Orhaan- A Leader
Prahar-Eighth part of the night or day
Pramti-One who is  aware
Probal-Someone who is beloved
Protika- A symbol
Parash-A Golden touch
Partho-The King
Rupjit-Handsome person
Sahasranshu-Like the Sun
Sudhanidhi-Beautiful Bengali baby name
Saptarishi-Seven stars
Sanjib-live long
Tiyash- thirst of something
Udaybhan- Rising sun

Top 100 Bengali Baby Girl  Names


Bengali Baby Girl Names

Amaya-Rain at night
Anvita-Nature of God
Aranyanee- nature of Queen
Aadya    -Goddess Parvati
Abirami-Goddess Lakshmi
Aditri-Goddess Lakshmi
Ajamukhi-sage’s daugter
Akula-    Goddess Parvati
Amba-Goddess Durga
Anjana-Mother of Hanuman
Aanshi-God's gift
Aarabhi- ray of sun
Aarchi-Ray of light
Aaritra- A Navigator
Bhargovi- Nature’s beauty
Basundhara-The Earth
BallakiVeena instrument
Bandita- who is worshipped
Bibhuti-Goddess Lakshmi
Bageshri-Goddess Lakshmi
Baruni-Goddess Durga
Brahmi-Goddess Saraswati
Bhavani-Goddess Durga
Chaitra-Goddess Parvati
Chakrika-Goddess Lakshmi
Chaitali- Very Sharp memory
Dharma-Laws of nature
Durba-  Grass
Dakshakanya-Goddess Parvati
Debjani- An adorable human
Deeptimayee-Efficient human
Fularenu- flowering plant
Fuleshwari-A river
Gajamukta-big pearl
Gandhapushpa- A Sweet smell
Haimanti-One who is born in Hemanta
Harita- friend of nature
Ishi-Goddess Durga
Indrani-Goddess of rage
Jiniya-A flower
Jayalalita-Goddess Durga
Jyotirmoyee-Goddess Durga
Jemisha-Queen of darkness
Kaya- Nature of God
Kuhu-Sound of a cuckoo
Kanak Chapa-Fragrance of a flower tree
Kshamaya-The Earth
Kavishri-Goddess Lakshmi
Kalavati-Goddess Parvati
Kavya-Goddess Saraswati
Kampilya-Smell of perfume
Kanakaprabha-Bright as gold
Kusum- Soft as a flower
Labani- A Graceful woman

Madhabika-A vine
Madhujamini-Under moonlight
Makshirani- Like a honey bee
Minuyara-A fish
Mishti- sweet
Mahalaya-New moon
Mahagauri-Goddess Durga
Meshva-Goddess Parvati
Nilaprabha-Blue sparkle
Nayani-Beautiful ocean
Neelambika-Blue sky
Nabamallika-Jasmine flower
Nabanna-Fresh grass
Naisha-Lovely flower
Oishyariya-Wild goose
Onalika-Name of a lake
Oikantika- A Noble person
Oindrila- Goddess of Egypt
Onima- To enquire
Olikodi- Very skilled
Pakhli-  Beautiful bird
Piyali-A tree
Porna-Like a leaf
Pornolata- betel plant
Preshti- Ray of light
Pushpavati-Decorated with  Beautiful flowers
Puspadal- flower petal
Puttika-small bee
PakhiA beautiful bird
Prathama-Dancer of heaven
Prithibi-Lover of Earth
Rupamadhuri-Graceful woman
Resha-Straight line
Rebati-  star from the sky
Rosnai-Lightning bolt
Roudri-Sun rays
Rahitya-Goddess Lakshmi
Rujula-Goddess Lakshmi
Sagarika-ocean born
Subarnalata-Golden vine
Sulata-  creeper plant
Sanjibani-Restoring life
Shimantini-A woman
Sushma-A beautiful women
Sushmita- Good smile
Suravi- Sacred
Subhashini-One who speaks well
Shomili- Elegant
Shila- Rock
Tamoha-The moon
Timsy-Bright star
Tisya-A star
Trijama- sacred rivers meet
Triparna-Leaves of the sacred Bael
Taneesha- Goddess of beautiful physique

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